Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moved Around the World

I am starting to finally feel settled after our move around the world, and then driving across the US. It's been crazy for the last 6 months! Yes, six months to 1. Pack up everything in Korea. 2. Spend about a month of TLC time with family. 3. Drive 3,500 miles across the US (literally - New York to California). 4. Find a new place to live. 5. Celebrate our first holiday season with our little boy. 6. Unpack everything we own, including things we haven't seen in 3 years because they were in storage. 6. Figure out how it's all going to fit into our new place... 7. Make new friends. 8. Link up with old friends. 9. Process that you will move again in about 18 months. 10. PHEW! In the movement of everything, I have been able to sew a little here and there. I am lucky enough to have a little sewing closet in our new place. I have been pretty spoiled with sewing spaces to this point. I guess I am willing to share space with others in the house (if I have to). My husband is very understanding with all the sewing. He knows that a happy wife, means happy life. So what's in the works right now? Finishing up projects. Making my little boy an Easter basket and prepping for my little guy's first birthday. I know it's a little early to get ready for it, (it's in May), but I'm excited for his first birthday. I'm using this idea for his birthday. I love marine life and my little guy seems to love it also. I'm loving all the views and nature that is offered in California. Okay, nap time is over, back to quality time with my little guy!