Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I had a very busy summer teaching summer enrichment, hosting my parents and then gearing back up for school again. My summer didn't go without sewing. So now that October is just around the corner, I would like to share my summer creations!

This quilt is from a quilt block exachange with the guild. It is a Korean memory quilt. my block is the paper pieced girl wearing a Hanbok. A hanbok is traditional Korean dress.

This pillow was made for a friend that had a baby. There were a lot of new babies this summer!

Oasis quilt. The fabrics in this quilt are all Amy Butler. The only exception is the boarder and the super soft minky backing. I really love how all the colors came together in this quilt. I've already snuggled with it many times.

This scene was from when my parents came to visit. My mom was in love with all the sewing materials I can find in Korea. It was fun to have some sewing time with my mum.

This is my Wonky-O-Ween quilt. I wanted to try making wonky blocks, so I created this quilt with Riley Blake's Boo to You line. The fabrics are so cute.

The backing is a deep orange minky. I quilted it on the long arm using a complicated Halloween design. I love how it turned out.

Baby set for a Soldier's new baby.

Fancy schmancy burp cloths made as a gift.

Baby Quilt made for a friend's baby's first birthday.

Minky backing is so soft!

The quilt in its custom pillow case ready for the party.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mom's Birthday

I am finally finding time to post the bag that I made for my Mom's birthday. Her Birthday was last week and I'm happy to report that it was completed, mailed around the world and arrived in her possession before her Birthday! The arrival was actually quite arrived on the 30th day of my brother's deployment, so I had already added his combat patch to the it was official that it could be worn.


Zippered Top

Inside the Bag

Side of bag with combat patch.

I have also been working on some decorative pillow cases for a friend. I don't think she checks my blog so I will post a pic of the pillow cases for her daughters. If you know her...please don't tell. :-) These two projects REALLY makes me anxious for an upgraded embroidery machine!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tribute to a 37 Year Career

I was hired to make a bag for the USFK Commander's wife as a retirement gift from an organization. Whenever I make bags for people I don't know that well, I'm always a littler nervous. I try to make bags reflect the personality of the person and really cater to the things they will use the bag for. Usually this comes down to the interior and location of pockets and patches. For this bag, I laid out the patches for each of his commands. Through reading his biography, I was able to get the patches in order. Here is the back of the bag:

The front of the bag was made in my normal style:

In the military, spouses don't have rank, but spouses definitely contribute to the earning of each rank. There aren't many 4 Star Generals in the military, so I thought it was important to include the rank in this bag. I didn't want the rank on the outside because I felt the receiver of this bag isn't an outside carrier of rank. I decided to place the rank on the inside, directly across from where it would be if it had been on the outside. I thought this was more symbolic to the way that spouses carry the career of their spouse on the inside, close to their hearts.

It was a privilege to create this bag, as it is with all the bags I create. Right now there is another bag in the works for a very special military lady...more to come on that soon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fancy Schmancy Receiving Blankets

My future sister-in-law's sister had a baby, so I really wanted to make some personalized things for her. It is fun making stuff for children because there are so many things that you can make. I added some personal touches to these small receiving blankets. Now, I can get them out in the mail!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My First Attempt

I finished my first disappearing nine patch quilt...finally. I had the top done for awhile, but didn't really feel like putting the backing together to get ready for quilting. Now that it is done, I'm very proud of it. This is the largest quilt I have made. It measures 84" x 81". It has soft minky backing, which makes this quilt very heavy and very warm.

(My husband was gracious enough to hold this heavy beaut up while having to stand on the ottoman.)

(The warm soft minky back)

(Rolled up all nice and yummy.)

I'm happy with the results of this project, but this quilt is in need of a name. Any ideas out there?

I am also excited to get working on new projects now that this one is done!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoppy Easter

I took on two Easter baskets this week. I hope they will bring Easter joy to the two young boys they are going to. I just love when things can be personalized.

Projects like this make me more and more eager to get the "Mega" embroidery machine. Donations are being accepted. :-)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Orders Complete!

I have been busy with orders, personal sewing and traveling during Spring Break. In my last post I mentioned the next bag would be a little 'wild'. Well, here it is:



The lovely owner of this bag wanted tiger fabric because her husband is taking command of a Tiger Battalion. It always amazes me how ACU goes with practically everything!

Here are two other orders I was working on:

I'm proud to say that all of these bags have been shipped and are on their way. I am enjoying creating bags again. I think I will have a busy summer!

Here is a project that I have been working on for awhile. It is a very girlie quilt. I was able to get it quilted on the long arm, so now it just needs binding around the outside.


All quilted:

I think I will work on some smaller projects for a little while as well as getting back to some 'works in progress'.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mod Floral Pink Marjorie

I've been working on a bag order for about the past week and a half. I've been pretty busy with work, so I have been eager to get home get to my sewing machine. I really like how this bag turned out. The recipient wanted a sash that could be tied in a bow at the base of the strap. I think it is a cute touch. I really hope she likes it!

This weekend we also had a wonderful dinner with friends. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a feast of lamb, corned beef, potatoes, veggies and yorkshire puddings. It was nice to have a fancy 'grown up' meal. Now I'm off for more sewing! My next bag is a bit on the 'Wild Side.'

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Dahlia

I worked on a bag this weekend to try out some new stuff for some incoming orders. I am thinking I will sell this one. I love the color contrast.

I used Hello Dahlia Vera Bradley fabric for the lining. My bags wouldn't be complete with a bunch of interior slot pockets.

The back has a usable pocket too! The owner can switch out the patches to suit them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I have the GREATEST husband!

My birthday was this week and although my husband is involved in a large training exercise he was still able to pull off a great birthday dinner date and a surprise party! My birthday was on Thursday, so we went to a fabulous Bulgarian style dinner at a great restaurant, Zelen's. I received two 'coupons' as my gift. One is a trip fabric shopping! WooHoo! The other is to order the new iPad 2!

I think I will get the white with the pink cover. I have to wait until March 11th to order.

On Friday, my great friend and surprise party co-conspirator took me out shopping. When we returned back home to meet up with the boys for a birthday couples dinner, I entered the apartment to a large "SURPRISE," and the greatest group of friends/co-workers were all present. I learned that we were initially meant to meet up in the shopping area at a restaurant, but due to the exercise my husband couldn't go out. It was a great evening together with friends. I truly am blessed with the greatest husband and friends!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feeling S(crappy)

I have been sick all week! Ugh! My voice still sounds like I've spent decades working as a smoking lounge singer. At least my students have been cooperative because they can hear that their teacher is a little under the weather.

Yesterday (Friday) I had a wonderful surprise. The metal wire baskets I ordered from Target arrived, so I spent a little time organizing my scraps! I love that project clean up will be super easy now that each colored scrap will have a spot. I love it!

Now I just need to keep creating and I can eventually make something with just scraps. Don't you just love organization? It makes me happy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boo Hoo?

This past weekend was a long three day weekend. I spent most of it sick, sleeping and having a lack in desire of wanting to adventure out of the apartment. That left quite a bit of time to sew. At Halloween this past year I purchased some really cute Riley Blake Halloween fabric. I didn't get to using it, so I thought I should get started on a project in February and it would be done by October! Good thinking from a sickling? I also wanted to try out some wonky log cabin blocks. Here is my progress so far:

Close up:

I need to pick up some more material for the borders. I'm biased, but I'm loving it!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bag it Up

I've been meaning to make a plastic bag holder for sometime now. I don't know why today I finally cracked and got one put together. I love projects that can be completed in virtually no time at all and are extremely helpful.

Last weekend I also made a trip to the fabric warehouse and picked up a bunch of new stuff from Riley Blake and others. There is always to much there that I get overwhelmed. I wish I could just get everything, but that might be a little tough on the wallet.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Box

At school this week I am having my students create mailboxes for their valentines. I made mine this weekend so they can have an example of what I wish for them to create. I used one of my favorite children's book authors, Eric Carle, as inspiration.

From the top:



I used some small heart shaped brads to add a little Valentine's Day feel to the mailbox. I am excited to see what the kids come up with.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Bunting

I completed this little gem this weekend.

(Don't worry that the picture is off center, I have recently re-hung the buntings to make them centered.) :-)

I used my embroidery machine to make applique letters with red felt. I want to make some other Valentine decorations using the same colors, but I haven't felt too inspired yet. Hopefully something will strike me before Valentine's Day. If not, at least I have a little bit of decoration for this month.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sewing Strings

I've been working most of the day on my black and white string quilt that I started a few months ago. I had put it away for awhile and decided it was time to get it back out. Now I remember why I put it away. Sewing the same little lines over and over again gets pretty boring. Being bored isn't completely a bad thing because it inspires me to start other projects. I think I need to put the string quilt on hold for a little while and do some projects that can be completed faster.

My inspiration for my next project comes from a winter hat and mittens that I think are cute, some items I picked up while out with the girls this weekend and something my grandmother sent me. I'm also inspired by this link, so I think I'm going to make one to spruce up my non-festive living room.

Here is what my sewing room looks like as I'm working on these two projects:


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, it's Vera

I made a bag for my friend Becca for Christmas. She has a slight obsession with Vera too, so I decided to use Totally Turq fabric for her bag. I was really happy with the color contrast.

Just don't look too close if you are familiar with military units. I put a patch on upside down...which needs to be promptly fixed! My friend didn't notice the mix-up and of course our husbands were too nice to comment...til a few drinks later. Luckily it is an easy fix! Happy New Year All!