Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finishing Touches...errr 2 years delayed.

My mom was out to visit last week, so we spent some great time exploring the Monterey Bay area. It was so nice to be outside and along the beach wherever we went. While she was here, it gave us a great opportunity to finish up some quilts that needed labeling and binding. I loathe hand sewing, and she loves it makes for a good pairing! She finished the binding on my little one's quilt (it has been waiting since October), but with the around the world move, I guess a few months delay isn't too bad. Let's see how long it takes me to make a label for it!

My little guy's baby quilt also got a label, courtesy of my mom. I made this quilt, but I was a member of the Yongsan Guild, so I used one of their labels for the quilt.

My mom also put labels on two quilts that I finished in the summer of 2011! You see, I really just don't like hand sewing.

Lastly, we worked on fish scales! I have taken on the crazy idea of making fish goodie bags for my son's first birthday. It's been a great way to use my scraps, but I see scales everywhere. The little bags are so cute and I can't wait until the party to see how the kids will like them.