Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sewing Strings

I've been working most of the day on my black and white string quilt that I started a few months ago. I had put it away for awhile and decided it was time to get it back out. Now I remember why I put it away. Sewing the same little lines over and over again gets pretty boring. Being bored isn't completely a bad thing because it inspires me to start other projects. I think I need to put the string quilt on hold for a little while and do some projects that can be completed faster.

My inspiration for my next project comes from a winter hat and mittens that I think are cute, some items I picked up while out with the girls this weekend and something my grandmother sent me. I'm also inspired by this link, so I think I'm going to make one to spruce up my non-festive living room.

Here is what my sewing room looks like as I'm working on these two projects:


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