Saturday, April 17, 2010

Would you eat this?

Last week I went to the local 'Super-Target' style store, Emart. My friend and I loved walking around the grocery area and trying all different kinds of things. We didn't know what a lot of it was, but it was delicious. We came across some interesting things, that I would like to play a game..would you eat this?
Large squid? I have eaten a lot of smaller pieces, but this kind of scares me.
A whole fish. I'm not really a "fishy" person. I like shell fish and some mild fish. Seeing the whole fish packaged up and ready to take home is I think what caught my eye.
Large suction cups? Again, I think this one is the size issue. Each of those suction cups was more than 1/2 inch wide.
What in the world are these? They have spikes!
Shrimp tale surprise! These were delicious. I grabbed two to take home. It was kind of like shrimp in a roll.
Doesn't it look great! I"m not a huge fan of raw sushi, but my DH loves it. I haven't seen sushi this beautiful in the US.
YUMMY! Now these I can handle. Already cooked too! Time for some dinner!

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