Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Bags?

I sometimes wonder why I am slightly obsessed with sewing bags. I don't really fancy making clothes, blankets, or other sewn items. I generally stay in the realm of handbags and accessories. I think my desire has been a part of me since I was very small. I always had a ton of bags and I still do!

When I was young I was involved in many things; ballet, soccer and skiing are just a few. Each of these activities required a specific outfit or gear, so to make life easier my mom designated a bag specific to each activity. Ballet had a ballet bag, soccer had a bag, and skiing had its own too.
Each bag was perfectly proportioned to the activity it matched. My ballet had a separate compartment for my slippers to keep them easily accessible and enough space to hold a change of clothes for afterward. I played soccer for roughly 18 years and with many different teams, so needless to say, I had multiple soccer bags over the years. I would often be playing soccer all weekend long so my bag would have different compartments to keep things separate for each day. My soccer cleats even had their own compartment, so my things wouldn't get dirty. Finally, my ski bag. This bag was probably the most magnificent bag possible. It could be slung over my shoulder, held my boots and all other items (I was a downhill racer, so I had a lot of stuff), but it allowed me to keep track of all my items. Each bag I owned also proudly donned my name (first or last). I love having my name on my things, maybe because in the US it is difficult to find ERIKA spelled with a "k" but I also think it is because it labeled that bag as my responsibility.

I think the details and purpose of the bags I had at a young age inspire my bag designs today. I try to think about their use and make their design fit their purpose. I like to personalize the things I create to match the person they are going to. This is sometimes difficult when I don't know much about the person. I don't like to be "tied down" to specific details, but I like some loose guidelines.

Okay, so maybe you didn't need to know all that information, but utility and personalization are my inspiration. I think I need to thank my Mom for that!

One of the popular styles of bag. It can be used for a diaper bag, scrap tote, day-to-day bag, gym bag, overnight bag, school bag. The possibilities are endless. The bag's name is Marjorie. Named after my great aunt who stood the test of time living to be 103 yrs and an incredibly wonderful woman.

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