Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apron, pleated purse, pillow

Phew. I've been super busy! I finally got a moment to catch my breath and update my blog! The past week has been crazy with appointments and getting ready to move again. I've also had a lot of projects that I've been wanting to do, so I put other things on hold and did some things for myself!

My first creation to share is a cute holiday apron. I haven't decided if I will keep it or gift it yet, but I love the frilly layers. I'm not really making anything in this photo, but my DH insisted props were necessary.We had beautiful weather this weekend, so we drove the convertible top down up to my sisters. The fall colors were (still) really pretty. I love being in a car with the wind blowing on your face. It is such a free feeling. The sky and water together were truly beautiful on the drive.
A second leather strap pleated purse! Okay, so since I knew my machine could handle sewing through leather, I made another pleated purse with leather strap. Again, I'm not quite sure qhat I will do with this purse yet. It may make a nice Christmas gift though? Hmmm.Here is a shot of the purse over the shoulder. It's a good sized purse that can fit tons of stuff. Perfect for the woman who likes to take everything with her. Travel Pillow! My final show-and-tell for this post is a vibrant pillow sham that I made for my travel pillow. Since our we will be traveling for roughly 24 hours, I've decided I need to travel in style! I did simple 4" squares and jazzed it up with pom-pom fringe. This was the first time I added pom-pom fringe to a project. It was a very simple process. I just was sure to use a lot of pins! I can't wait to travel with this flashy pillow!

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