Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Success

Here are our amazing costumes (if I must be completely biased). ;-) We were Super Mario and Princess Peach. The response we got from our fellow party goers was great. Everyone loved them. I am happy with how they turned out as well.

The first picture shoes the full length of the costumes. For my husband I made the blue overalls and add the Mario emblem to a baseball cap. For my costume I made 4 separate parts. The skirt is fully lined and has some tulle and sparkle accents underneath. The peasant blouse was a challenge because the pattern was huge. I looked like I was wearing a potato sack until I tailored it down. The third part is the pink corset. It even has grommets and laces up the back. I should have taken a picture from the back because each side had 12 grommets. The final part was just a small sash to tie around the waist. I also made a "1up" white and green mushroom that was a functional purse. It could hold the camera, keys and the all essential lip gloss. My husband was most impressed by this. It made for an unexpected accessory. At the party we voted for best costume and my Mario won! I think I will have to take the credit for his victory...he is fine with that. :-)The final photo is one of the food items we took with us. I made "Witch Finger" cookies. They are simple sugar cookies with some added attention. The almond fingernails, green food coloring, and raspberry jam ooze made these cookies very eye catching. People we a little frightened to try them, but the taste was great. We also took "Babies in a blanket" aka pigs in a blanket and "Dirt" (chocolate pudding, cool whip and crushed oreos). Overall Halloween 2009 was a success!

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mommabear said...

I LOVE the creepy is that!
Your talent for sewing stands out with you wonderful costumes.