Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Amazing Husband

Some people try to pass over Birthdays, but for me, this year, my husband's Birthday needs celebration! My husband spent his last two Birthdays in Iraq, so I feel there is need for celebration! I am thankful to have him home and safe. I'm also more than happy to spoil him with some culinary love.

After yesterday's baking bazaar, there was a lot to prepare today. We are having slow cooked BBQ beer pork ribs, loaded red potato salad, bacon wrapped scallops and stuffed mushrooms. The menu is almost a mix of picnic and Italian restaurant in one. Each 'dish' is one of my husband's favorites. Luckily my family is coming to visit, so we will have plenty of people to indulge in the delicious-ness.

Here is the brownie birthday cake. It has chunky peanut butter as frosting.
Brownie Birthday Cake

I also made a little Birthday decoration that we can use over again. I made it a couple weeks ago, but didn't share it because I didn't want my DH to see it. Birthday Banner

Because we will be doing a lot of traveling in the next few months, I decided to get my husband some comfy footwear. These are indoor/outdoor slippers. He said they are like walking in heaven. I'm so happy he likes them. I may need a pair now too!
Comfy Slippers

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