Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Quilt Warehouse

I met up early this morning with six ladies from the quilt group. We loaded up into Poncie's "houpde" and headed south to visit Happy Quilt's Warehouse. The warehouse is about 1-1.5 hours away depending on traffic. We were lucky to have more than 6 passengers in the van because we could take the bus lane. This was a great thing because there was a lot of traffic! So on with the post...I think today's adventure may best be described with lots of pictures.
This image is looking in to the right side of the warehouse. There are piles and piles of bolts of fabulous fabrics. Down the middle there are rows of 2 yard pre cut packets. Each packet has 2 yards in it. 44" wide yards are 3,000 won or about $2.60 per yard, and 60" wide yards are 4,000 won or about $3.50 per yard.
This next photo was taken standing in the back of the warehouse. If you look carefully out the door you will see a second warehouse. Yes, that smaller warehouse was filled with bolts too! You can pick any fabric you want and they will cut it in 1 yard increments.
They had a couple sewing machines there as well. I'm not really sure why they are there. There were some samples of things made with the warehouse fabrics, but that was all.

I wonder where you may have seen this fabric before?
Here are some pieces that I bought today to coordinate with the brown swirly piece I bought 2
weeks ago. I am really loving Riley Blake fabric designs.
On the shopping trip to Dongdaemun last week I bout the two Vera Bradley prints. This week I found the border that goes with the prints. I also bought the border to Bali Blue because I have the fabric matching that border as well.
Bali Blue Boarder for Vera Bradley
I don't think I can live in asia and not acquire some Asian fabrics. I really like the lanterns, so I found some other Asian inspired fabrics to coordinate. I think I will need Ideas on what to make with this.
I also bought some almost comic book like fabric. I thought it was really cool. I think a quilt made with this should possibly be titled "Hip."

The quilting group is going to do a block exchange. The blocks won't have to be done for a few months, which is good considering
my sewing machine isn't even here yet. The group picked out yellow and blue to use for the blocks. We can supplement with other fabrics as needed. I really like the yellow and blue fabric. It has metallic in it and almost ribbon-like patterns. It is very asian-eske. The block theme is meant to be "Memories of Korea."

I found this funny cow print fabric that I couldn't pass up. I thought it was hilarious. I'm not sure what I will do with it, but seriously, could you pass this by with a straight face?

Mr. Han, the owner of Happy Quilt is such a pleasant man. He will pull out bolts of fabric for you and is happy to have our business. It may be because all of the Americans go crazy and buy a ton of fabric like there is no tomorrow, but he is still a wonderful man. Depending on how much you buy, he always throws in some fabric for free. Usually it is 1-2 free fabric packets per purchase. That's 2-4 free yards of fabric that would be $10 in the US, so for me that's a great deal. Today, however Mr. Han was VERY generous and gave our whole group a box of "freebies." We didn't know what was in the box until we got back to base, but when we opened it we were amazed. Usually is is just scraps, but this box had yards and yards of fabric. No Scraps.

I picked out this dress model print for 1 of my free packets and the matching solid was found in the "freebie" box.

Also in the box were some large flower panels. I got a couple of them. They would make great Euro-Shams of lounging pillows.
The fabrics below obviously don't coordinate, but they were my other free picks. I can't complain with free!
So we have been in Korea a month today...look at all the glorious fabric I have collected in a month. Just to think I have 35 more months that I can accumulate more! Did I mention, I love Korea?
That was a pretty long post, but aren't you glad there are so many pictures of fabric! Now if just for my sewing machines to arrived, I would be set.

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