Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pencil Roll

Back in July I made a crayon roll for my friend's son's birthday. He loves to draw and color, but with a family that is always on the go it was difficult for him to not drop his crayons everywhere. Here he is in the car with the crayon roll balancing on his feet.

The crayon roll was my first attempt at something like this (it was pretty easy to make), but I wanted to try to make it even better. The roll was a little wrinkled with the crayons in it, so I tried making another roll with little compartments for each colored pencil and a small spot for paper...all the more practical and portable.

I used fabric that I just had lying around, so now I will need to figure out who to send this to. I have a little girl in mind, so once I'm done awing over it, I will put it in the mail.

I have one more type I am going to try. You will have to wait to see!

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