Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I decided to try out a new quilt block today - pinwheels. I think they are a fun looking block, so I figured I would try it out. It's super easy...another thing I like. I don't know if I will make anything with this block yet, but I just wanted to try it out. I used a 6" square to start. and then made my pinwheel from there. The blog I Have To Say... has a nice tutorial for making pinwheels.

I also did some organization of my sewing room, so I will include pictures of all the angles of my sewing room. From the pictures it looks really bland...maybe I will need to do something to spruce it up. Although I really do like all the light that comes into the room. I am loving my sewing room because it is allowing me to be slightly obsessive compulsive about putting things in order (LOL).

My sewing table (Wall 1). It has a 60" x 33" cutting mat on the top of it. This is ample space for me to cut, sew and quilt.

Corner 1/ Wall 2 - The big white chair is a pottery barn grand chair. It is very comfortable. It's usually what I sit in to read, hand sew, cross stitch, and recently...write my blog.

The nine-cube shelf stores the larger pieces of my stash, books, photo albums, scrapbooks, my sewing case and my embroidery machine. The purple cloth drawers are designated 1 - cross stitch 2 - scraps 3 - sewing notions (bag handles, sewing patterns, velcro, etc.).

Corner 2 - This book shelf holds tons of stuff. The bottom two shelves have pieces of my stash that are under 1 yard. The middle shelf holds all my scrapbooking inks and more photo albums. The top shelf has business materials (business cards, post cards), some thread, and tools for my sewing machines. On the very top there are photos and other random crafty things.
Wall 3/ Corner 4 - Scrapbooking Mecca - these cubes hold all of my scrapbooking stuff. I think I have enough stuff to scrapbook for life! Two of the drawers hold thread. One drawer for regular thread and one drawer for embroidery thread. All of my scrapbooking papers are sorted by the seasons designated by the company they are from. I use Close to My Heart scrapbooking materials. The closed door opens to a full size bathroom. You can see the open door leading to the rest of the upstairs of my house.
Wall 4 - pretty simple. The ironing board stands here and the door to the closet. The closet is used mostly by my husband for his work attire. It is nicely organized, but I just didn't take pictures of it...its not that exciting. I will often put on the hanging red apron for when I have my "serious" sewing days. For some strange reason I think it helps me focus.
Off to try more pinwheels!


Maria said...

Love all the white furnitures in your studio! My family and I are moving to a bigger flat soon, and I´m going to have an nice white studio like yours.

mommabear said...

You are so organized! As you said, the OCD coming out in you! LOL Want to come and organize my stash as well?

amandajean said...

what a gorgeous space! thanks so much for sharing it.