Monday, August 3, 2009

What to Do?

This is a question that goes through my mind about a million times a day. I am currently on a working hiatus due to military relocation, so the "What do do?" question occurs frequently. It is difficult for me to enjoy the free time because I have always worked. My husband is enjoying me not working because dinners have been ornate, laundry complete, folded and put away, and the house is super clean. I like doing things around the house, but it is difficult to be completely dependent on someone else.

I have been looking for jobs -- roughly an hour or two daily. BUT...the job market here isn't too easy to tap into. I am trying to get away from teaching, so that is narrowing my searching scope. Also, our time here is short and I don't want to get linked in to a job that I won't be able to easily escape. I would feel wrong committing to a company and then departing (99% certain of this) quickly. Plus, I'm enjoying getting to spend extra time with Dan. He has been done with class before 4 and has been having long lunch breaks, so I would hate to miss an opportunity to spend time together. I guess that's what a 16month deployment does to you! We have definitely gotten a lot closer since his return and we love each other even more.

On another note, I have been sewing! I just don't have any pictures because I'm experimenting with things for Christmas gifts and I wouldn't want to reveal possible gifts. So to add a little visual to this post...I will add one of Kim and I from the Holiday Bazaar. I wish they had something like this here, but so far I haven't found anything. I will keep looking because if I could just sew...I would be *sew* happy!

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