Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting it Together

I'm almost a freak about organization. I love everything to have its own spot and also be aesthetically pleasing. Living in an apartment with no attic to hide stuff has given me new organizational challenges. Thankfully our apartment has tons of closets, but there are some things that are better stored...under the bed!

Because I couldn't find them anywhere in Korea, I ordered adjustable bed risers from I got the adjustable ones so I could choose how high I wanted the bed. An extra 3", 5" or 8". I'm a woman after all and changing my mind about things is what I'm allowed to do! Either way, after ordering these things over a month ago they finally arrived!

I started with our master bedroom.

Ahhh...all that extra under bed storage bliss. But, eww! The sheet is hanging out and you can see all the *crap* underneath. Time to make a bedskirt! Rather a faux bedskirt because there is no way I'm lifting the tempurpedic mattress myself. I love the bed, but it's a pain to lift.

I wanted to make the bedskirt tailored to the bed with straight lines. No ruffles. No pleats. Here is the end piece.
Now for the rest of the bedskirt.

Much better! I haven't decided it I want to put some trim on the skirt to add some visual interest. I also need to make some more decorative pillows to tie all the colors of the bed together. Right now it's a bit too neutral. I am also on the hunt for a night stand for the far side of the bed. Right now it's just some simple shelves that were shipped to Korea by mistake. I had seen a beautiful blue cabinet that I hope to find again.

At least for now I can hide the under bed storage!

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