Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Teaching Today

I've been busy for the first three days of this work week subbing for first grade. The teacher was feeling a bit better, so I get to sew today because I didn't get called in to work. I've been working on a Bags From The Heart order and I finished it this morning.
I love the fabric that was used for the lining, side panels and accents. It is Vera Bradley Bali Blue. One advantage to living in Korea is that I can actually buy these fabrics by the yard! In the US, I would have to scavenger hunt the web to see who would send it to me - at a much higher cost too! Here are two pictures of the inside. The inside has three slide pockets on both sides and one of the ends has three pen pockets. Isn't this fabric wonderful?
Three Slide Pockets (above) Pen Pockets (below)
I truly believe a bag needs to have pockets on the inside to keep all your stuff organized. I always find it a pain when you can't find your cell phone in your purse when it is ringing. When I design my bags I try to maintain functionality.

Finally, here is a picture of the back. I stippled all over the exterior. I love the look it gives a somewhat plain uniform. I used beautiful blue thread for the stitching.

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