Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This weekend we went to Hilton Head Island for a little getaway. I found an amazing deal online that included our room, amazing dinner, and breakfast. Hilton Head Island is about 3 hours away from us, so it was well worth the trip. We couldn't have asked for better weather. On Saturday morning we starting our trek to the coast and arrived about 11am. We went to lunch at the Salty Dog Cafe and wondered a little bit around the South Pines area. It was gorgeous. We could have stayed for at least a week. After lunch we went to our hotel, where our room was ready, so we checked in and immediately headed for the beach. It was sunny and warm, but not too hot. It was perfect. We stayed beach and poolside for most of the afternoon.

Dinner was at the Hotel restaurant, which sometimes in hotels doesn't live up to expectations. The dinner exceeded our expectations in this case. The package deal allowed each of us to pick any appetizer, any entree and any dessert. It also included soft drinks. Dan and I shared most of our meal getting a chance to try all the delectable food. Our appetizers included tempura shrimp and lobster mac and cheese. Both wonderfully delicious. For our entrees I had the crab cakes and Dan had the lobster tail and fillet meal... Yes, I couldn't believe the choice for a full fillet and lobster at an all inclusive package! Dessert was also to die for. We had raspberry chocolate molten brownie cakes with vanilla ice cream. Lets just say the two of us were wobbling out of the restaurant when we were finished because we were so full.

Sunday morning was another appetite pleaser. The breakfast buffet had omelets to order and array of fruit and all of the other typical breakfast items. We hit the beach again and then left around noon. Before going home we did a little shopping at the outlets as well. I found some great deals on shirts at Gap. We drove home with the roof down on the EOS all while belting out our favorite tunes. It was an amazing trip.

Yesterday was back to sewing. I have orders to work on, so I will wrap up this post. This Penny bag was a joy to complete. The bright pink swirly fabric makes me smile. I will get these items in the mail soon.
Over the arm view:
Back to creating, but wishing I were still at the beach!

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Cynthia said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog! I guess I haven't checked out your website in a while. I'm soo jealous of how creative you girls are. I still have to figure out how to get the thread into my sewing machine...